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Vector and Logo Design

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If your logo is not vector you occure a lot of extra charges when attempting to use logo for signage, billboards and quality printing.

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What is a vector graphic?

Professional logos are designed in vector-based programs. Vector graphics are made up of points and paths that represent the image on the computer. Pixel based graphics (often called raster or bitmap) are made of individual bits, or pixels that represent the image on the computer.

The difference between Vector Graphics and Pixel-based

A vector file will usually have the extension .eps or .ai. Unless you have special software you won’t be able to open this file, however this is the file that your design professional or print vendor needs to ensure the best print quality for jobs. Pixel-based images be saved as a .jpg, .tif, .gif, .png or .psd file. Also, saving a Photoshop file as an .eps file does not make it a vector file.

A vector logo will be the most universally useful to you, your printers and other vendors. When working with a logo designer, be sure that your logo is being created in vector format and make sure you request the final vector files.

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Save Money Moving Forward

Sign makers, most commercial printers require vector files for printing and vector files are also ideal web graphics. Most designers won't supply the vectorized art to you, so without it you occure recurring cost. Some vendors use automated software to vectorize your images, which will result in a less-than-ideal result. It is vital that a professional is used to redrawing the logo and vector logo. When converting a lower quality file only a human can understand how your logo is supposed to look.

Urban Chirp has been the most efficient company we've worked with so far! The ability to convert the most intricate artwork into vector and color separations still amazes me! Great customer service and the turnaround time is exceptional!

// Terron Brown - Owner Thorough Threads Screenprinting

Logo Design

Your logo is the face of your brand. It should be striking, easily recognized and appropriate to your business. Ultimately, establishing a positive impression with your customers is the goal of a good logo design.

Every good logo is born out of collaboration between the company and the designer. We ask a lot of questions and listen to the answers to find a clear-cut vision. Once we have established the brand objectives and your target market, we start working on your design. Will submit first set of concepts to get your feedback, and make any necessary adjustments before handing off the final files.

More Reasons

- We establish long-term, successful and friendly relationships with all of our clients.
- Our client base continues to grow through strong word of mouth and strength of portfolio, but we are careful to accept only those projects where our talents can serve the interests of the client.
- Provided the scope does not change, we stick to the original agreed-upon budget. This is one reason our business continues to grow, and our clients engage us for ongoing work and new projects.



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